Well we got you to page 2.  That's a good sign.

Since our launch in March the team has continued to work extremely hard, listening to and learning from early adopters to help shape the team's thinking in terms of our vision and how we get there.  We have made great progress in the last 6 months, fine tuning the user experience in response to customer feedback whilst introducing new features including multi-file and 3rd-party integrated upload, document preview capability, administrative groups and improved audit logging.

A big month ahead.

October will see the launch of TreeVue Desktop, our Microsoft Windows application through which we can provide a more integrated and seamless user experience.  In addition to the existing web-client whereby users interact with their workspace through a web-browser, TreeVue Desktop will enable users to work directly on their local content, using locally installed applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel, browsing files within Windows Explorer as they are already familiar, whilst benefiting from a collaborative online service providing anywhere, anytime access to their personal or shared content.

We are also releasing our new and improved storage platform.  This is the result of months of planning and re-engineering, culminating in this exciting milestone for our company.  The new storage capability is required to support our long-term vision of providing intelligent and intuitive workspaces.  Short-term gains will see improved reliability, performance, scalability and security as well as new features such as automated backup of every version of every file, instant file restore, improved preview support for all major file types and automated PDF conversion.

Just the beginning.

We are building something special at TreeVue.  We're building a foundation upon which to achieve our goal of providing a truly collaborative online experience through which to create and share business content in ways not seen before.

Our product will bring people together through new and innovative features designed to maximise end-user efficiency and productivity.  We'll be doing some clever stuff with advanced search, natural language processing and big data analytics to go beyond the largely reactive online repositories on the market today.  TreeVue will support, suggest and facilitate to help people find the documents and information they're after, even if they didn't know it even existed.

Whilst end-users enjoy a dynamic and feature rich experience; workspace administrators and owners will be able to better understand their users and the documents they generate and share.  Administrators will have real-time visibility of who is doing what and when, all at the click of a button.  This level of real-time analytics and reporting is something that has traditionally been difficult, if not impossible, to achieve until now.  Organisations produce ever increasing amounts of unstructured data (documents to you and me) but rarely realise the benefit of its content, understand if it is being read and by whom and how it can be used to reduce unnecessary duplication and improve end-user efficiency.

So what do we want from you?

All we need from you is a commitment to use our service and let us know what you think... that's it, no catch!

In line with our development and engineering effort, we want to start building a network of specially selected Brand Advocates. We are looking for partners who we believe are well placed to embrace and use our service in the real-world, providing much needed feedback and input into potential future developments.

We want to start looking at how TreeVue can be embraced across different industry sectors; ways it can be adopted to address their specific needs and use-cases.

What do you get out of it?

We will provide you with unlimited access to TreeVue and its full feature set.  Unlimited users sharing unlimited data, either internally or with external clients or other trusted third-parties.

This is also a unique opportunity to work more closely with us in the development of our product, having a say in the design and development of new features and services.  This is an excellent chance to directly impact and help shape a product from which you and your business can directly benefit.

Standard terms and conditions apply.