Meet Angus


We are excited to announce that long term TreeVue advocate Angus Whyte has joined the team.

WE WISH Angus EVERY SUCCESS IN JOINING Ryan and Andy AS DIRECTOR on this NEW AND exciting journey.


Q. So what made you get involved?

I have been working with Ryan and Andy [founding directors] for many years, consistently delivering on a number of IT solutions for our firm [Land Law LLP], enabling us to punch above our weight.  I therefore had confidence in them being able to deliver on this project.  I can see that there is a need within many different businesses to work collaboratively via secure data rooms.  The market lacks a simple product.  This is it!

Q. You’re already managing partner at a successful law firm – tell us about it?  Do you have any advice?

I set up the law firm over 16 years ago.  At the time my wife, Louise, was expecting our twin daughters, Flora and Iona, who arrived shortly after I opened the doors.  I gave up partnership with one of the best law firms in Manchester and, looking back, I now see why some eyebrows were raised!

I was sure there was a market for our niche commercial property firm and this has proved correct.  We have organically grown to a specialist team of just under 40 with 18 (mostly senior) solicitors.  Our lawyers have a deserved reputation for legal excellence.

As far as advice is concerned I would say: ally yourself to the most able people you can; stick to what you are good at; and don't a) dabble or b) get side tracked.  

Q. What do you feel you bring to the TreeVue team?

I believe I understand what the client will want and that will help product development having someone 'user' side.  I am realistic in setting goals and objectives.  My wife would deny it, but I do also have some organisational skills!

Q. Outside of the day job, what are your interests and hobbies?

I have been passionate about football all my life - playing not watching!  Injury has forced me to early retirement but I still manage a few games a year and train to keep in shape for that.  Football is being substituted for golf (terrible game) and a bit of recreational cycling.  Our family loves all sport (Louise tennis, the girls lacrosse), the outdoors - especially our fantastic coast - and travel.  I have been a Governor at a local school for several years which has been both challenging and rewarding in the issues it throws up.  It is not a responsibility to be taken lightly.

Q. How did you hear about TreeVue?

Well, obviously as a user.  

However, on discussing the wider applications I could immediately understand why a solution which had its origins in meeting a specific business objective for a law firm is going to become an indispensable tool for many varied businesses.  

There are interesting times ahead and it will be fascinating to see how this product can develop. It will be beyond what we can currently imagine.  The search function alone continues to stagger me.  Just how does the product do that?