Enhanced Upload

We are happy to announce TreeVue’s new and improved document upload service

We have overhauled our browser-based upload capability to provide a more intuitive and integrated user experience.  This includes support for multiple document and folder uploads as well as direct migrations from popular third-party services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, FaceBook and Instagram as well as from WebDav and FTP repositories.


The traditional upload file picker has gone!

Well, for those of us using an HTML5 supported browser it has.

Uploading single and multiple documents now requires just dragging and dropping files anywhere on your browser.

It's as easy as that!

Upload Status Panel

The new Upload Status panel provides real-time visibility of your active uploads across all folders.  This discreet window shows the current upload queue, including any errors or associated user prompts (such as duplicate warnings).  Only displayed when there are uploads in progress, it can be minimised at any time allowing you to continue using the service without unnecessary interruption.

Enhanced Uploader

In addition to the inline file upload capability, we have also deployed our Enhanced Uploader which provides an interface for uploading larger data sets, folders and folder structures (for supported browsers) and the ability to migrate directly from a range of third-party cloud providers and common protocols.

Third-Party Integration

Migrating content between cloud services has traditionally been a convoluted process, with users having to download from the source service to their local hard-drive then subsequently back up to the target service in a two-phase approach.  This is not only time consuming and prone to human error, it also carries some security risk due to the requirement to store potentially large amounts of confidential data, albeit temporarily, on a local hard drive and the associated exposure of data leakage as a result.

TreeVue has addressed this issue by supporting point-to-point document migration between a number of popular cloud providers and TreeVue without requirement to download to your local machine.

It also now supports direct upload from common transfer protocols such as FTP and WebDav, enabling the migration of published data directly from source in a single migration event.