No more missing invites!

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Changes to the invite process.

Spam filters and other such services have long since been the bane of all software vendor's attempts to legitimately send automated email-based application notifications.  That said, we live in an age whereby such security measures are a must-have for most organisations and therefore a necessary-evil we must learn to accommodate.

We at TreeVue have experienced the same headache with automated email based workspace invitations going 'missing' from time to time.

There is also little argument to the belief that emails from a personal email account (preferably one from which the user is already aware) as opposed to from some generic address is much more likely to (1) reach it's target and (2) actually be opened and read by the intended recipient.

As part of our on-going endeavours to ease and simplify the user engagement process, we have published a couple of updates in recent days that we believe will start to address this very problem.

It's all in the wording.

We have tried to focus on the core problem of sending notifications from personal accounts where possible whilst addressing the impact of a user not receiving their invitation in the first place.

Hopefully the following minor updates go some way to deal with this pain point.

  1. Removed the requirement to 'accept' an invitation.
  2. Provided the ability to copy/paste specific workspace links (URL's).

No longer invite.

One way to remove the reliance upon accepting an invite is to remove the concept of 'invites' all together, and that's exactly what we have done.

Upon granting access to a TreeVue workspace a user is still sent an email notification, but unlike the previous version they no longer need to click to confirm their acceptance of that invitation.  In fact all you need to do is login (or register) and your newly granted access awaits.

A simple copy & paste.

Whilst our automated notification email is clear and informative, its no substitute for a new user receiving a personal email from someone they trust.

Upon granting access to a new user the administrator can now simply click the copy link in the workspace dropdown or top-right of the member list screen to copy a direct link to the workspace to your local clipboard.  This link can then easily be pasted into a personal email or other message application and voila!

How To.

Why not take a quick look at our 'how to' support article with where to find the Copy to Clipboard feature.  It couldn't be simpler.


More to come.

That's not all... we are looking to further improve all aspects of user registration and initial user engagement.  We will soon be adding targeted prompts to support users through the sign-up process (what to click on and when), support for SMS-text based user validation and a more streamlined document sharing and collaboration experience.