Now a core service offering for our business, TREEVUE is helping us engage with our clients, making our data really work for us

It has always been our vision to provide absolute transparency to our clients, enabling simple and secure remote access to their documents through an intuitive and user-friendly web interface.  TREEVUE has helped us realise that vision...


TREEVUE provides a platform through which we manage our client data and the associated publishing to external parties ourselves, without the expensive consultancy and support charges so common with some other providers.  It's advanced search capability being the stand out feature for us, providing a level of search unmatched by it's competitors, enabling more proactive use of our previously static document repository.


We operate a single large data room with over a 1,000,000 documents, without impact on performance and stability - with search results, even across non-OCR'd content, returned within a few seconds.


TREEVUE isn't trying to be all things to all people; it knows exactly what it is and does that job extremely well.


The best ideas are often the simple ones!