Advanced Search

Raising the bar with industry leading and unparalleled search

TreeVue can search millions of documents, including text within images and scans, in just a few seconds.

We believe in making your data work for you, with search being at the heart of this guiding principle.  TreeVue Search is a game changer, providing a platform through which the proactive querying of very large repositories is now a reality.

Identify documents and content that you either didn't know existed or did but had no idea where to look is now just a few clicks away.

Enhanced Upload

Intuitive and fully integrated upload capability, supporting single-file, multi-file and folder uploads as well as direct imports from popular third-party services and protocols such as Google Drive, DropBox, Box, WebDav and FTP.

Drag-n-drop support makes even high-volume uploads straight forward and user-friendly.

Read our recent blog on Enhanced Upload.

Branding & Customisation

TreeVue recognises the importance of branding and brand awareness, which is why we have built a full white-label service to ensure your workspace reflects the brand you have worked hard to build.

Linking to a TreeVue Workspace is seamless and most importantly familiar to your users.


Secure Document Access
Security is at the centre of all things cloud and TreeVue is no exception.  Whilst  providing an intuitive user experience and rich feature set is extremely important to TreeVue, nothing is more important than the security of your data.  End-to-end file encryption and industry-leading password hashing sits on top of a data centre with security at it's core; 24 hour monitoring, security patching, anti-virus/malware protection, intrusion detection and network isolation all form part of this secure foundation.


Preview in Browser
No needless downloading of multiple documents simply to find the right one, TreeVue's dynamic in-browser preview functionality allows users to view documents without the need for full client-side download.  Users are also able to search or print a document directly from the preview window, providing an efficient and user friendly way of browsing even the largest data rooms.


Up & Running in Minutes
TreeVue's focused and user friendly interface is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible.  Unlike many providers in which an overly complex service supports their unnecessarily complex pricing model, TreeVue is designed around simplicity with new data rooms provisioned and users invited in a less than a few minutes, leaving you to do what you do best. This model helps to support not only the provisioning of large rooms to underpin on-going document storage, but is also sufficiently lean and agile to support smaller short-term project team requirements.


Full Audit Logging
Knowing who does what is a key differentiator over many of the more consumer focused cloud-storage alternatives.  TreeVue tracks your user's every move, logging all activity from account log on and off, folder browsing, document downloading and even the searches they perform.  Administrative actions are also logged, including the recording of user invites and subsequent acceptance.  We provide you, the data room owner, with all the information you need to best manage your room, your data and your users.


Unlimited Scaling
Equally at home supporting small agile projects and workgroups to the largest global providers and their massive document repositories; TreeVue supports unlimited data to unlimited users.  Built upon leading edge cloud technologies and services, TreeVue automatically and seamlessly scales to support current demand.  As workloads increase TreeVue scales out to provide additional processing power when its needed, automatically scaling back as demand returns to normal.