Ruby Developer

Fixed Price Contract


TreeVue are seeking an experienced Ruby developer with an appetite for cutting edge technologies and proven track record delivering Microsoft Azure based solutions.

We are offering a fixed price contract to deliver a small but crucial component in a larger document processing pipeline (

The role is to deliver the first work-package of a wider project to re-engineer our underlying storage architecture, removing unnecessary dependencies on various third-parties. 


This work package is to deliver a new component that will take a newly uploaded document and extract its text (storing for later use) whilst also generating a PDF version of the original source.  Whilst our development team have their own thoughts on how best to achieve this, we are open to suggestion from the successful candidate and happy to discuss various techniques and approaches to meeting this requirement.

In addition to the specific technical requirements, the role will also include:

  • Liaison and reporting to senior architect / developer
  • Ability to work from home, providing all necessary hardware/software
  • Available for regular conference calls / meetings when required
  • Provide all associated source code for the work package
  • Deliver comprehensive documentation explaining the source code and associated reasoning
  • Take responsibility for initial testing and working with appropriate teams during subsequent integration testing (if required)
  • Provide any binaries required for subsequent installation
  • Detailed instructions on how to install & configure an appropriate Azure VM/worker role to accommodate and execute this package
  • Confirmation from TreeVue technical teams that solution works as expected and meets the original brief .  This will be via integration into our QA systems and only provided once any issues/bugs are corrected.

Whilst this particular work package is to deliver a single fixed price component, there maybe scope for wider and more long-term involvement for the right candidate with the right skillset.

If you’re interested, please contact us and we will provide more comprehensive documentation to help facilitate accurate pricing of the work package.

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