Simple, focused document sharing for business.


Easily share business documents with other users, partners, co-workers and customers.  Operating without geographic and organisational boundaries, bringing people together, sharing content in real-time without the need for complex and expensive IT infrastructure.  From small agile project teams to the largest global operators, TreeVue is designed from the ground up supporting unlimited users sharing unlimited data.



User Friendly

Built with you in mind, the intuitive and user friendly interface delivers a feature-rich experience through simple and elegant design.

TreeVue challenges industry trends for over-engineering and unnecessary complexity. Instead it provides a focused service through which you can find, access, collaborate and manipulate your documents with minimum effort in as few clicks as possible.


TreeVue recognises the importance of branding and brand awareness, offering full customisation, including logos, colour schemes and tailored terms and conditions through its full white-label service.

Linking to a TreeVue data room is seamless and most importantly familiar.


Whether for Audit and Compliance or just because you’re interested, TreeVue provides visibility of who is doing what and when within your data room.

In addition to tracking user activity, it also provides the tools and insight to start understanding your data and how it is being consumed. What is being used, when, by whom and equally useful, what is not being used.


Nothing is more important than the security of your data. End-to-end file encryption and industry-leading password hashing sits on top of a data centre with security at it's core, 24 hour monitoring, security patching, anti-virus/malware protection, intrusion detection and network isolation all form part of its secure foundation.