Last Updated: 17 March 2016

Keep tabs on what's been happening in the wonderful world of TreeVue.  The following list details key functionality updates and general patching on a monthly basis.

MARCH 2016

  • Removed the requirement to 'accept' a workspace invite (read more)
  • Added 'Copy Workspace Link to Clipboard' function to both [Account Settings] and [Members] list (blog - read more)
  • Added a 'Generate Invite Token' function for invite acceptance-pending users (legacy v1 workspaces only)
  • General bug fixes & security patches


  • Added new [Delete User] functionality (in addition to the ability to 'disable' a user)
  • Minor user interfaces updates (input boxes)
  • General bug fixes & security patches

January 2016

  • Added new [Disable User] and [Leave Workspace] functionality
  • Email-based automated monthly invoice distribution added
  • General bug fixes & security patches

December 2015

  • Retired support for legacy storage / workspaces *
  • Non-access folders - default behaviour changed to hide the folder
  • API - general updates and fixes in preparation for public use
  • Introduced 90 day extended trial period offering (unlimited public availability)
  • Search and storage - improved support for large workspaces and data sets
  • General bug fixes

November 2015

  • New EU-based storage platform launched [blog]
  • In-browser preview support for all major file types added
  • Introduced the public API (initial limited/restricted access)
  • Updated Activity Log (including grouped line items and user badges)
  • [Download as PDF] option added to preview panel
  • General bug fixes

October 2015

  • New licensing model introduced (including free subscription option) [pricing]
  • General bug fixes

September 2015

  • Full support centre authentication integration (to use a common TreeVue account) [blog]
  • General bug fixes

August 2015

  • New support centre deployed [blog]
  • General bug fixes

July 2015

  • Introduced the concept of user roles (including Owner and Power User roles)
  • General bug fixes

June 2015

  • Enhanced upload capability (including folder upload and upload directly from 3rd party providers) [blog]
  • Support for workspace rename and delete added
  • General bug fixes

May 2015

  • Updated [Account Settings] user interface
  • Full screen drag-n-drop for file uploads added
  • Multi-file upload support introduced (files only)
  • General bug fixes

April 2015

  • In-browser preview functionality added (PDF's only)
  • Customisation and branding features (logos and vanity URL's) introduced
  • Multi-file download 'stability' updates
  • General bug fixes

March 2015

  • Support system launched
  • Multi-file download added
  • General bug fixes

February 2015

  • Merchant services integration (for commercial readiness)
  • Introduced multiple workspace support (per user)
  • End-to-end SSL encryption (for all data in transit)
  • General fixes (in response to initial beta feedback)

January 2015

  • Initial beta deployment (limited public access)

* Legacy workspaces used Google Drive underlying storage.  This is no longer supported and replaced by TreeVue's own EU-based native storage platform [blog].